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    Jenny Taylor

    Eugenia Taylor, also known as Jenny, was born on September 25th, 1984 in Republic of Moldova, which is located in Eastern Europe, between Ukraine and Romania. It is very small country that used to be part of Romania and latter took part in Soviet Union. It is now an independent Country of about 4 million people.

    Just like many other people from Moldova looking for a better life and opportunities, Eugenia was dreaming about coming to the United States of America to pursue her dreams of making the world a better place. At 21 years old her dreams were coming to reality. Jenny moved to the United States where she met her husband, David Taylor, in Sacramento, California, and they decided to chase the big dreams together. Along the way they were blessed with 4 beautiful children, Isabella, Joshua, Cristina, and Rebecca.

    David Taylor, Jenny’s husband owns a construction company in Phoenix Arizona, where Jenny and David have worked for many years creating a life to remember. Helping people to build the house of their dreams or remodel the old one that would look just like a new house. Either way clients are very happy with them. Even though Jenny is new to the real estate business, the fact that she has been working with her husband in construction industry has helped her a lot to understand that the construction industry was only the beginning of the love of real estate and passion of helping people to find, sell, build, or remodel the place they will call home. Where laughter and memories are created every day.

    Jenny found her place in this group, West Desert Group, of very talented and creative Realtors that love people and love what they do. Helping people turn their dreams into reality. Jenny’s next biggest dream is to someday be in a position in life where she can influence young adults and children to become a better version of themselves, by opening an orphanage and homeless shelter for those that are most vulnerable in society and maybe just maybe create a better world to live in. A world where people can be loved.

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    Jenny Taylor
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